Rebecca Dunn
Female / Co-Star / Caucasian / 28-35

This project is accepting online video auditions through Casting Elite. Casting Directors provide specific directions regarding what they'd like to see included in the video auditions. It may be a simple introduction or a reading of sides. By customizing the content, they are able to see your personality and ensure that the submission is recent. You will have until Feb 5, 2015 to record and upload your video.

Audition Instructions/Sides:

Please act out this scene to the best of your ability:

Kenneth walks up the path to the house apprehensively and unlocks his door. He begins to unbutton his jacket but as he places his briefcase down, his wife is running down the stairs waving a home pregnancy test in her hand.

Rebecca runs towards her husband with a smile plastered on her face ear to ear. Just as she reaches him she drops to her knees and clutches her gut. Slowly aware, she timidly reaches between her legs and reveals the blood now stained on her hand and pants; she screams in dismay and begins to shake.

Kenneth watches his wife kneeling in the hallway. His breathing becomes laboured. He runs to her and comforts her. She places the heels of her hands on his back in an attempt to hug him but her body shakes with sobs.
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