Jasmine Costa
Female / Other / Any Ethnicity / 18-30
Voice Actress's Wanted for movie "A Kidnapper's Tale."
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This project is accepting online video auditions through Casting Elite. Casting Directors provide specific directions regarding what they'd like to see included in the video auditions. It may be a simple introduction or a reading of sides. By customizing the content, they are able to see your personality and ensure that the submission is recent. You will have until Aug 9, 2017 to record and upload your video.

Audition Instructions/Sides:

Speak this line.

Jasmine: When I was eight, my friends and I would steal candy from a gas station that was in our neighborhood. Not the big candy bars, but the small ones. After doing it for about a couple of months and feeling guilty about it every time I did, I confronted my friends and told them that we should stop. They laughed at me, and I didn't know what to do next.

And also, do at least 30 seconds of you being chloroformed too.
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