2 roles. Casual fun and joking informative lady friends #1 and #2
Female / Featured / Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous, Hispanic, Native American / 18-30

This project is accepting online video auditions through Casting Elite. Casting Directors provide specific directions regarding what they'd like to see included in the video auditions. It may be a simple introduction or a reading of sides. By customizing the content, they are able to see your personality and ensure that the submission is recent. You will have until Feb 29, 2020 to record and upload your video.

Audition Instructions/Sides:

Option 1; Explain a day, or several days of activities including you and another friend/actor going to the beach, a beach resort, or other vacation type situations. Do this in a fun, positive, casual and joking manner. Do this in a manner as if you're just going about your real-life and going to take a vacation.

Option 2' Explain the purchasing of a vacation property, how you want to improve it and then enjoy it with various activities.
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