Left Wing SJW Advocate
Male or Female / Co-Star / Any Ethnicity / 18-62

This project is accepting online video auditions through Casting Elite. Casting Directors provide specific directions regarding what they'd like to see included in the video auditions. It may be a simple introduction or a reading of sides. By customizing the content, they are able to see your personality and ensure that the submission is recent. You will have until Aug 22, 2020 to record and upload your video.

Audition Instructions/Sides:

The Great Debate, a one of a kind reality TV show to be filmed and released through streaming services. The left and the right in a battle to the finish.
Truth Tribes is a brand new show in which the best team will win and walk home with a cash prize. If you are selected you will spend up to 12 days in a beautiful location, living, eating and competing to win the game!
To be selected you must show strong support for Democrats or Trump or conservatives by submitting a 1.5 minute pitch video to YouTube, Twitter or another social media platform with the hastags #thegreatdebate, #polarized, #lampPost and tagging @lampPostSt explaining why you would be the best contestant to face off in a reality TV show to bring your team victory in a hilarious, entertaining and enthusiastically dramatic way.
Your submission should be less than 1.5 minutes and entertaining with a direct reference to politics and how you feel about them.
You will need to email a disclaimer to and (for spam/technical purposes) with your full name, social media handles, age and blue(left)/red(right) affiliation in the subject line.
The email should have the following text.
I, the submitter of this email, do hereby grant lampPost, The Great Debate, Polarized and all affiliated parties full rights to the videos that I posted with the hashtag #lamppost or #polarized. I agree to hold only myself liable for these actions and any outcomes that may arise.
Include links to your pitch video and any photos that may corroborate your political beliefs for the show.
We will notify you if you are selected for an interview and selection. We Look forward to hearing from all of you
Casting Elite is not affiliated with YouTube (, it simply utilizes YouTube's features. Any videos that you upload to YouTube must comply with YouTube's Terms of Service.



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