Okay let's face it, there are bountiful amounts of casting websites out there. Why choose Casting Elite you may ask? Our goal is not to get rid of the face to face interaction of auditioning, as we know how important that is. However we are introducing a new platform that allows for the initial castings to be much more efficient while saving time and money for both casting directors and talent.

Let's first look at it from the casting director's standpoint. How many times have you sat through hours and hours of auditions meeting people that do not, in the smallest bit, resemble their headshot? Either it was taken decades ago or they paid a lot of money to have it retouched, and I mean a lot, not to mention those who have reels compiled of footage from eons ago. So I know by now you're already annoyed by the fact that this person is not what you were expecting, but how many times has that person not looked like what you thought and on top of that and could not delivery their lines? Quite a few, correct? Casting Elite can totally eliminate this common issue that many casting directors go through on a daily basis. With Casting Elite, you can now go into a casting knowing that those who you are about to see truly have potential to land that specific role.

Now, let me tell you why Casting Elite is definitely the way to go for talent as well. There are tons of actors and models that work in the industry full time but there are also a handful of those who hold a second job. Casting Elite saves time and money for all talent by allowing them to instantly submit an audition without having to deal with the hassles of driving, parking, and taking a half day, if not a full day off work. Actors are also given the opportunity to seamlessly record themselves in the comfort of their own home as many times as they'd like until they are satisfied with their performance.

This industry is rapidly growing with new projects every minute and new talent ready to land a job. Why not make this process easier for everyone? Like I stated before, we're not looking to take away the meet and greet, we just want to make it more beneficial for those who are taking time out of their day to be there.

Casting Elite is a completely free service so you honestly have nothing to lose. Give it try and you will have a personal account manager handling your audition from the very beginning to the day you shoot!



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