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Project Title
TEARS - Casting Leads Immediately!
Casting Agent/Contact
Gregory Jordon
Project Type
Student Film
Union Status
Shoot Dates
October 3-5 & 10-12, 2014
Shoot Location
Savannah, GA

Production Title: TEARS

Union/Non-Union: Non-union

Type: Short film

Student Film or Thesis Project: SCAD MFA Thesis Film

Director: Calhoun Cornwell

Producer: Gregory Jordon

Director of Photography: Jay Johnson

Casting Director: Gregory Jordon

Shooting Location: Savannah, GA
Compensation: Credit, Copy of finished film, Meals.


Casting Dates: September 18 & 22(Must audition in person)
Casting Location: SCAD's Adler Hall Room 316(Savannah, GA)
Shoot Dates: OCTOBER 3-5 & 10-12 (Savannah, GA)

SYNOPSIS: A troubled young woman, Laura, journeys in an effort to get her son back from the government. She's willing to go through hell and high water to do so. Her struggles go unrewarded throughout her journey as she struggles with the depressing idea of life not being worth living if she has to live it without her child.

Age: 20-23
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Female
Description: A troubled young woman. Vulnerable yet strong. Ability to display a wide range of emotions. Natural hair preferred. Ability to cry on command is a plus.

Age: 55-65
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Female
Description: A very spiritual woman. Speaks with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Is a very warm and caring woman. Will do everything in her power to save Laura from herself.

Age: 4-8
Ethnicity: African American
Sex: Any (Preferably male)
Description: Young child with an overactive imagination and a huge heart. Loves his/her family very much and misses them whenever they’re apart.

Age: 23-30
Ethnicity: Any Ethnicity
Sex: Female
Description: An ordinary office secretary.

Mr. Rell:
Age: 35-45
Ethnicity: African-American or Caucasian
Sex: Male
Description: Rude. Assertive. Straight to the point. Doesn't have time for meaningless small talk.

Age: 40-50
Ethnicity: Any (Asian preferred)
Sex: Male/Female
Description: Average citizen. Caught in a very frightening situation. Does not want any part of being a “hero”.

Age: 22-26
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Male
Description: Cold hearted. Unforgiving. Doesn't get over hurt or pain easily. Will hold grudges until the day he dies.

Chubby Guy:
Age: 25-40
Ethnicity: Any
Sex: Male
Description: A very disgusting male. He's rude and disrespectful. He could care less about Laura and more about sex.

Guy 2:
Age: 20-30
Ethnicity: Any
Sex: Male
Description: Average build. Emotionless. Knows what he wants and will pay to get it.

Age: 25-35
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Male
Description: Your classic drug dealer. Very flashy. Loves the spotlight. Feels like everyone who surrounds him needs him to survive. If you were his once, you'll always be his even if you left him.

Age: 35-40
Ethnicity: White
Sex: Female
Description: Quite professional about all matters. She struggles with not getting personally involved with her clients. It’s difficult for her to separate her emotions from her work.


We are in need of about 10-12 EXTRAS for various scenes. Please include a recent photo of yourself in your email submission to
Project posted on 17/9/14
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This project accepts online auditions through Casting Elite. To submit for this casting call, click the "Submit Audition" button next to the role that you're interested in and login or create a new account.



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