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Paying Dues
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ricardo edwards
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Hello Everyone,
We are having an open casting call for a new web series call “Paying Dues”.
If you want to schedule your audition please send your resume and headshot to Rico Edwards at

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Using their friendship and passion for the arts as an anchor, 5 friends try to break into various creative fields in the multi-cultural city of Houston, TX.

Main Roles:
Claire: (Age 20-30, Ethnicity Open) A recent graduate from the University of Illinois-Chicago, she moved to Houston to find a better job opportunity, has been dancing since the age of nine, she wants to become a choreographer.

Harmony: (Age 20-30, Hispanic) second year senior at the Art Institute Of Houston, a spoiled brat that a never for anything (ever). She wants to be a swimsuit model, but her parents would not fund that dream; now she is pursuing a fashion design degree in hopes of actually doing something herself. She's extremely attractive, but not the sharpest tool in the shed. Harmony comes off as stuck up, but once people get to know her she's really nice (sort of).

Hunter: (Age 20-30, Caucasian) From New Orleans, a music theory major and lead singer of his band called "Consistent Rhythm" which is getting a lot of local buzz. He wants to be a professional recording artist. He's the son of the mayor.

Supporting Roles:
Mrs. Fern: Age range 30-50 (Open Ethnicity)
Mrs. Fern is an old school fashion guru how is well known around the city. She is a sweet mature woman with an occasional mean streak.

Brittany: Age range 18-25 (Open Ethnicity)
Brittany is a former friend of Harmony. She has formed a vengeance against Harmony after she stole her boyfriend.

Lawyer Kevin: Age range 35-50 (Open Ethnicity)
Kevin is a cut throat lawyer who is trying to get Logan free of his current felony charges.

Mrs. Mayor: Age range 35-60 (Caucasian)
The mayor is the mother of Hunter. She has tried her best to get Hunter out of music and into politics but her efforts have been unsuccessful.

Dance Supervisor Edna: Age range 30-40 (Open Ethnicity)
Edna is Claire’s dance supervisor and the best choreographer in the city. Edna seems to be slightly intimidated by Claire and is trying to prohibit her from reaching her full potential.

Mr. Rob: Age range 30-50 (Open Ethnicity)
Mr .Rob is an OG in the music game, having worked with high profile artist. He has taken Hunter under his wing.

Secretary: Age range 18-30 (Open Ethnicity)
No story really just a young girl trying to make it happened by any means.

Teacher : Age range 35-50 (Open Ethnicity)
The teacher of Logan, he is on tenure and makes sure everyone knows it.

Moriah: Age range 18-30 (Open Ethnicity)
Moriah is the hottest singer coming out of H-town. She is managed by Mr. Rob

Student 1: Age range 18-30 (Open Ethnicity)
Student 1 is just a regular guy trying to get some action.

Stefanie: Woman Age range 21-30 (Open Ethnicity)
Stefanie is a co-worker of Claire and works in the high profile stripping field of H-Houston
Project posted on 28/2/15
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This project accepts online auditions through Casting Elite. To submit for this casting call, click the "Submit Audition" button next to the role that you're interested in and login or create a new account.



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