Project Details
Project Title
Asians vs. 2016 Politics
Casting Agent/Contact
Denny Kim
Project Type
Short Film
Union Status
Shoot Dates
5/18/16 or 5/19/16
Shoot Location
Los Angeles area
Need 5 Asian actors for a scripted interview on the topic of presidential candidates. It will be a very quick shoot in the Los Angeles area. We are planning to shoot in the next few days. For whichever role you are interested in, submit a short video reading the respective lines below to

1. Asian Man – 40 to 50 years old
Lines will be:
- Work hard and you can be successful like him (Trump)
- I think I have the same suit (Hillary)
- I don’t know what he’s talking about a lot. I’m not sure if that’s because my English isn’t that good or because his isn’t either. (Trump)
- I don’t know too much about Hillary but I think I’d get along with her husband. Good guy. (Hillary)

2. Asian Woman – 40 to 50 years old
Lines will be:
- My granddaughter should date someone that successful... With better hair though. I don’t like his hair. (Trump)
- Her smile looks like she’s lying… And she’s always smiling. (Hillary)
- A wall? He wants to build a wall? China already built a wall. Why would he want to build another wall? Idiot. (Trump)
- Oh! She’s Bill Clinton’s wife! Didn’t Bill Clinton cheat? If she can’t keep her husband happy how can she keep a country happy? (Hillary)

3. 2 Young Asian Women – 18 years old – 20s preferred
Lines will be:
- Fuckboy (Trump)
- First of all. That suit has to go. Michelle Obama always look good. No excuse for Hillary not to. (Hillary)
- He looks like someone you’d find on tinder. Not even like the worst because tinder is pretty sketch but still… really bad. (Trump)
- I would love to have a woman president for sure! Just not… this one I guess? (Hillary)

4. Asian Man – 18 years old – 20s preferred
Lines will be:
- Even if I liked him, I couldn’t say I like him. You know how many Mexican friends I got? Nah, I’m good. (Trump)
- Can we just have Bill back instead? He wasn’t “moral” or whatever but we as a country ask these same presidents to bomb and murder possibly threatening countries and we’re here talking about “morals.” Yeah, give me Bill. (Hillary)
- Is that wall keeping them out or us in? I don’t really get it. What if I want to leave? Shit… what if I want to come back? Either way I’m fucked, right? Good thing everybody been rock climbing on instagram. We’re going to need them skills soon maybe. (Trump)
- Could we just not vote at all? It seems like we’re just choosing the lesser evil at this point but how about we just… not choose to be evil? Redo? Shuffle the deck and give it another shot in another 4 years? Just saying...
Project posted on 17/5/16
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This project accepts online auditions through Casting Elite. To submit for this casting call, click the "Submit Audition" button next to the role that you're interested in and login or create a new account.



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