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Drew's Damsels
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Drew Rold
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Online Clip Store
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Kenilworth, NJ
I am looking for women who want to do some modeling and acting that is a little different. I shoot "damsel in distress" light bondage photos and short films. This is considered adult fetish work, however, it is not intended to be sexual or pornographic. No nudity is required. I have all models create a stage name to keep themselves private and confidential. Photos and videos that are produced will be sold on my online stores. Sample photos available upon request.

The scenarios all revolve around you being tied up and gagged and trying to escape. Think of scenarios such as home invasion, a babysitter being losing a game of cops and robbers, a lazy employee being taught a lesson, you are a snooping detective, the scouts needed some knot practice, etc. The possibilities are endless.

NOTE: There are NO kids or other adults involved. I play all "bad guy" roles either on or off camera. I am a one man crew and do all production as well as tying. I will create the story lines for your situations, but if you have any or are interested in assisting me with stories in any way, let me know.

Once again, I am NOT looking for any nudity or anything sexual in these films/photos. The idea is for you to be tied up, gagged, and have fun with it. You just have to sit there and be angry, scared, frustrated, etc. depending on whatever the theme may be. Nothing hardcore, all limits are always respected. Safety is a priority every time.

Since these photos will be put for sale I need to cover all of my legal bases. I will have you sign a release form and need photo ID as proof of age (18+).

I realize this all sounds strange and potentially dangerous to do with a stranger, which is why before we do any shooting we will discuss, via email or text, and can even casually meet in a public place (ie Starbucks, Dunkin, etc.) to talk.

The pay is $100 cash for a 3 hour shoot.
Project posted on 25/11/16
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