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Project Title
The Omega
Casting Agent/Contact
Steven Daniels
Project Type
Short Film
Union Status
3 film days
Shoot Dates
Shoot dates will be mid Feb
Shoot Location
Philadelphia pa
***Please read everything before submitting***

This is a short action film that will be shot in mid Feb on the weekend. When submitting please send a head shot along with a message with the character you wish to play and why you would like to play that character. From there I will send you a email back with a date for a audition that will be held at my studio here in Philadelphia PA.


In 2035 nuclear war breaks out across the world killing 70 percent of the population. Those who survived and didn’t get effected by mutation started to come together to survive. They built five cities surrounded by walls that go further into the sky then the eye could see to keep mutated creatures out. It’s now 2337 and the five cities have been at war for almost 50 years now for absolute power. A unit of scouts stumble past a unknown location to discover what’s inside could either end the war or destroy what’s left of the world.

Character Synopsis

Victoria Smoak aka Vision
-Vision is the code name given to Victoria Smoak. She is one of the world's greatest hackers and is currently working with Lionel and his team to get them through their missions. She's their eyes and ears.

(Looking for female age 20-30, able to portray being witty, funny, sarcastic.)

Lionel Baxter aka The Tank
-Lionel is a weathered Special ops vet now serving in the Scouts as a captain of unit 117. On his unit is his former colleague's children Lara and Finn Snyder. He looks at them as if they were children of his own. Most people are intimidated by his strong built and physical features but however he is the most polite and well-spoken person in Crown Heights. Lionel is as lethal as they come how else would he still be serving 7 years and counting over the normal soldiers life span.

(looking for male age 25- 45 big built, able to portray good leader skills/father skills)

Lara Snyder aka The Wolf
-Lara The Wolf Snyder maybe the most talked about person across the five cities. People debate if she's more beautiful or deadly. Lara was born on the battlefield and was raised on one for most of her upbringing. She became a marksman by the age of 7. Killed her first target before she became 10. 12 years later Lara is part of scout unit 117 embarking on the deadliest missions of her life.

(looking for a female age 20-25 hair shoulder length or longer, character emotions vary will go over in audition)

Kyle Jackson
-Strong-willed, arrogant and loyal member of unit 117. He is serving his third year in the scouts. Kyle looks up to his leader Lionel and wishes to become a great Captain as well one day. Kyle excels in tracking, he has all the tools to become a great leader but sometimes his arrogant ways can get him into trouble.

(Looking for a male age 20-30 good shape, able to portray cockiness)

Finn Snyder
-Finn Snyder is the younger brother to Lara. Unlike Lara he lacks all the traits it takes to become an elite soldier. He is average at best. Finn has a good heart and wishes to be more like his sister one day. That’s why he joined his sister unit 117, hoping it will make him the man he wishes to become.

(Looking for a male age 20-30 good shape, able to play timid, cautious character)

Victor Baron Snow
-Dr. Snow is the scientist every other scientist wishes they were. He is ranked level 5 in 7 different sciences, more then anyone by 3 in the world. He helped Astoria become the most power city. He is now working on creating his newest experiment The Omega.

(looking for male age 35-45 able to portray wise and stern type of character)

Melissa Carson
-Dr. Melissa Carson is the co-creator of the Omega. She is one of the most renown scientist in the world. Her latest work with Black Gate is what got her brought onto this project with Dr. Snow.

(looking for female age 25-35)

Tera Steel
-Dr. Tera Steel is one of the youngest scientists work with Dr. Snow, she currently holds his apprentice spot. She inspires one day to be just like Dr. Snow.

(looking for famle age 18-20)

Lloyd Lawton
-At a young age Lloyd Lawton watched his parents were brutally murdered in front of him forcing him to become an orphan. He was sent to the Military academy held in Astoria. Reported to be the most ruthless and challenging academies of the five cities. He quickly made his name known in the school he brought pain to anyone he felt deemed worthy. Other soldiers quickly started to look at him as a leader. He graduated with high honors and didn't waste no time entering the battlefield. He now walks around as a captain to his own unit and over 200 confirmed kills 3 years later. He is currently assigned to guard Dr. Snow and her position.

(looking for male age 25-30 in good shape able to play a mean and arrogant leader)

Multiple Guard roles
(Action scenes)

(looking for male/female age 18 and up)
Project posted on 31/12/16
Available Roles
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This project accepts online auditions through Casting Elite. To submit for this casting call, click the "Submit Audition" button next to the role that you're interested in and login or create a new account.



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