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Project Title
Catacombs of the mind
Casting Agent/Contact
Joseph Bickerton
Project Type
Feature Film
Union Status
Shoot Dates
November 15th 2017
Shoot Location
Will be announced later
Catacombs of the mind is a horror film about a psycho killer that collects, tortures and then disposes of his victims. Because they may have had an interaction with the killer at one point and was rude to him. He has a serious character flaw and mental issues stemming from childhood that makes him incapable of handling rejection of any kind

We are seeking actors for the below roles.

Ashley (Lead): Female, 18-40

Ashley is the killers first victim. He has a demented attraction toward her. Doesn't want to kill her but he just takes a strong sense of pride and joy in the fact that he gets to torment her when ever he chooses too. However Ashley never stops trying to get the upper hand through out her ordeal; always looking for that one window of opportunity to escape.

John (Supporting): Male, 18-45

John is Ashley's fiance that never stops looking for his beloved. He knows somethings wrong even though his family and friends try to convince him that Ashley has run off due to cold feet about the wedding and not because of foul play. But John doesn't buy into that theory and knows with everything in him that something bad has happened to his wife to be.

Perkins (Supporting): Male, 18+

Detective assigned to the missing persons files and the person John is constantly trying to ask for help in finding Ashley

Vicki (Supporting): Female, 18-45

The killer's second victim to be taken hostage

Nicole (Supporting): Female, 18-45

The killer's 3rd victim

Donna (Supporting): Female, 18-45

The killer's 4th victim

Smith (Supporting): Female, 18+

Partner to Detective Perkins that helps him track down the killer how ever during the process she winds up getting taken hostage by the killer briefly until she escapes which becomes her motivation to not stop until the killer is brought down once and for all.
Project posted on 3/10/17
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