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Become a Paid Live Streamer - Hourly Salary - Work From Home/Anywhere !!
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Lincon Jones
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We are hiring, girls/guys for our Elite Streamer Program. Our girls earn 2k-7k per month, part-time and working from home/anywhere. We are hiring worldwide !!. All ethnicities welcome. Our Elite Streamer Program pays $25 USD per hour, plus gifts. Must have an iOS/Android device. Choose your own hours. Must be 18-30. No experience required. No Nudity required. No sexual content allowed. You get free training with a personal coach who will teach how to live stream.

Gifts are money sent to you by your viewers. Your job is to get a certain amount of gifts/money from your viewers each hour. You get 40% of gifts. You can sell services to your viewers. Take song requests and play music for gifts/money. Or sing or dance for your viewers if they send you gifts/money. You can also chat and be friendly to your viewers if they send you gifts/ money.

The holiday season is near !!. Earn money for Christmas !!. Pay for gifts, Christmas feast, groceries, personal shopping, gifts for your Kids !!. Work for us and earn money that will cover all of your Christmas expenses !!.

We can offer you $25/h to start !!. Plus gifts. Part-time with 10-14 paid streaming hours per week. You must stream a minimum of 3 hours per week to get paid.

If you are streaming and doing well then you may qualify for full-time paid hours. $25/h USD at 50 hours per week. We can offer you $60,000 per year base salary !!.

If you are absolutely committed. We can even offer $45 USD per hour and 50 hours per week. That's $108,000 USD base salary. However, you would have to bring in $120 worth of gifts from your viewers per hour. Which is difficult.

There are so many opportunities when you work with EastMeetEast !!. Work from home/Anywhere, hourly salary, choose your own hours, regular income, no nudity.

Start part-time then if you're committed become full-time and earn $60,000 USD.

Live Streaming is a much better alternative !!. With our elite streamer program, you are guaranteed $25/h USD or more as payment and you can enjoy yourself !!.

Send us an application and start working today. Immediate start !!.

Here's a video showing what the app looks like.

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If interested, please respond with your full legal name for your contract. We cannot use stage names on a legal agreement. And, your email address, pictures and/or social media links. We will review your application into The Elite Streamer Program.

My email is
Project posted on 6/11/19
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This project accepts online auditions through Casting Elite. To submit for this casting call, click the "Submit Audition" button next to the role that you're interested in and login or create a new account.



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